New year – New blog

For my first blog post I thought what would not be better than write my New Year’s resolutions, even though I’m 7 days late. Oops. On 2017 I mainly want to focus on self-improvement and genially having a better year because I don’t know about you but 2016 wasn’t the best for me. From getting into a debt, dropping out of education and failing multiple types to eat healthy. This year, I’m saying ‘enough’! If you are in the same boat, then tune in.


#1 Welcome change with open arms

Some of us we go day by day following the same routine and we wish that something would change but at the same time we are afraid to let change in. Why is that? Good question. This is because we get comfortable with our routines and any slight change could cause us discomfort. Even a slight change like taking a different route to work could introduce you to something new. Or eating a different breakfast in the morning could open your inner creativeness.


#2 Learn a new language (hola!)

Knowing more than one language is very useful because it broadens your memory and you don’t know when you’ll get into an argument with an angry Italian woman (no offense). There are several apps that you can use to learn a new language like Duolingo or using YouTube tutorials. You have no excuses now!


#3 Show more gratitude

Being grateful plays a big part in your overall happiness even more the small stuff like your boyfriend cooking you dinner. Writing down 5 things that you are grateful for every day could help you become happier and realise that things aren’t as bad as you think they are.


#4 Exercise Exercise Exercise!

Yoga, cardio, running, weight training. There are so many different types of workouts that you can do.  It’ll help you think better, clear out your skin and, you’ll get that bikini body that you have been dreaming about for so long.


#5 Eat healthier

No, I don’t mean eating kale with every meal. But making small alternatives to your meals could really make a difference. For instance, eating brown rice instead of white. Including at least one piece of fruit or veg with every meal. Or if you are a snack lover like me, instead of eating potato crisps, purchase or make your own vegetable crisps.


#6 invest money into something that you love to do

Turn into a minimalist. That doesn’t mean that you need to get rid of everything you own but simply stop buying things that you don’t need. Before you are about to buy that avocado cutter ask yourself ‘do I really need this?’ Instead, use that money for something like a new camera, food to use for a new recipe that you found or a sowing machine.


#7 Wake up earlier

When you wake up early in the morning it’s one of the best things. You can sit by the window with your cup of tea, looking at the sunrise and thinking about life. You can also get a lot more things done and you are most productive in the mornings. If you love to sleep in like me then try to wake up 15 minutes earlier every morning until you wake up on the time that you want to and stick to it. Regardless if you end up going to sleep at 4am you still need to stick to waking up at the same time.


#8 Reduce time wasters 

I am very guilty of this. I waste a lot of my time of social media and watching videos of cute cats. More than you know 2 hours have already passed. You could have used those 2 hours cleaning the house, reading or working on your hobby.  Try not to use social media first thing you wake up and get straight to having breakfast or a shower.


#9 Read more

Knowledge is power. The more you know the better. You don’t need to read a book a day. Simply by just reading about ten pages a day you would have read about 10 books a year. Imagine how much you could find out from those 10 books. Not even does reading broadens your knowledge it awakens your creative and helps with your grammar.


#10 Focus on your loved ones

You run around doing your own thing that you forget the people who were there for you when you were at your lowest. When your grandma calls you, don’t reject her call and say ‘oh I’ll just call her later’. Spend as much time with the people that you love and who inspire you to be better!


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