The power of a weekend trip

We go through life constantly having to deal with different issues and difficult people. Working hard to achieve our goals. Or constantly crying about being a failure at life and eating a whole jar of Nutella. But I am here to tell you that it’s okay and that it’s okay to take a step back and go away on a little weekend trip.
So, I recently went to one of the places that I always wanted to go to, which is Liverpool. But before I even decided to go, I wasn’t feeling very good about myself, found it hard to stick to my new year’s resolutions and I was just a complete mess. I thought, the best thing for me to do before I completely self-destruct was to go away somewhere where I’ve never been before and to see new things and recharge. I would encourage everyone to use this when you are feeling down or you’d like to travel and see new places. So, there are some advantages to going on a weekend trip:

#1 Visiting a new place boosts your mood
When you go to a new place, you are always so excited about seeing all the things that the city/town has got to offer which puts you in a much better mood and you are again feeling motivated again. We as human being need change. We need change for getting new ideas, for self-development and our life would simply just be too boring without change.

#2 You get to do something you have never done before
Every city/town have their own attractions or museums for you to see. For instance, when I went to Liverpool they had a massive dock, which was amazing! They also had one of them big wheel thing, like a smaller version of the London eye. I am very proud of myself for going on it because, I am so scared of heights and I thought that I will pee my pants but anyway… that’s what weekend trips are all about! Kind of.

#3 You meet new people
It’s very easy for you to meet new people at a new place because even though you think in your head that you blend in very well but to others it’s so obvious that you are a tourist. For instance, when I went to Liverpool, I went to a slot casino for the first time. Don’t judge me. The girl who worked was Lithuanian, the same as me and we bonded over that! Also, I won £60 from there, so bonus!

#4 It makes you miss your home town
At the start of the trip you are all excited and you wish that you would live there because the city has so much offer. But about one day in the bed starts to get uncomfortable, you nearly throw up from the hotel coffee and the loud music and the sound of cars when you are trying to sleep. Then you realise that you miss that little flat that you live in, which has holes in the walls but it makes you appreciate what you have.
In conclusion, they are awesome!


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