Growing up isn’t easy

When we are first born, our parents must look after us. We are so fragile that we aren’t even capable to look after ourselves. They do everything for us: feed us, dress us, clean us up. It’s an easy life. But that doesn’t last for long. You blink and there you go; welcome to the real world. Our parents babying us was just supposed to prepare us for the real world, they say. They think. But all that it has done was frighten us even more. Having us to come out of our fantasy world isn’t as easy as they think. The closest thing that I would compare an adult world to would be a battle field. Blood spilling everywhere, people sobbing in the background, gunshots. It’s the same. Bills that you can’t pay, heartbreak and all that fun stuff.

It can’t be all that bad for all of us though, which is true. For the lucky ones. Their whole future is already decided and payed for them. You only must be the smartest and the most beautiful kid to not disappoint your parents and to have good future. But for less lucky ones, like me; nothing was decided for me.  (sarcasm, kind of)

But we shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves. Everything else is already giving us a massive headache and you saying things like: ‘I wish I had more money’, ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘he has it better than me’ adds more fuel to the fire. The best thing to do is to just sit down with a cup of tea and to reflect on how well you’ve done so far. Do you remember that time you carried on working out and doing that squat challenge even though you were about to pass out? What about the time when you had to work nonstop even if you didn’t want to, but still did it because you had debt to pay off? Or simply you got out of bed and got ready even though you had high anxiety? Yeah, that’s what I thought!

Next time you think of how much adulting sucks and that you are a failure just think how much you’ve accomplished so far and that you are awesome! Remember, be nice to yourself!


Rosie 🙂



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