Moving abroad was the best thing that happened to me

I am originally from Lithuania but I was forced to move to the UK with my parents when I was 10 years old and I could easily say that it was the best thing that happened to me.  I’m not going to lie at first it was very hard and learning the language was awful but once I got the hang of it, it was awesome! Real talk! A lot of people are thinking weather they should move abroad for university or for work but they aren’t sure if it’s worth it so I thought I would list the reasons why moving abroad was the best thing that happened to me.

#1 Language

It is safe to say that speaking more than one language is so beneficial for being able to connect to people or even an advantage for work. I can currently speak fluently in English and Lithuanian. Even though Lithuanian isn’t a very popular language but when I worked as a chef, another Lithuanian chef was working with me and it made it easier to communicate. So, the best way to learn a different language is to move to a different country!

#2 You become aware of different cultures

When I first moved to England and started going to school I had a massive cultural shock! I still find drinking tea with milk very weird, to be honest… At first, it’s going to be hard to adapt if the culture is completely different from what you are used to but you’ll adapt and learn so many new things.

#3 New buddies!

By moving to a different country, you get to meet people who you would have never thought that you would meet which could become your lifelong friends. Having friends from all over the world is the best and if you ever leave the country and want to go back you have your friends couch to sleep on! Bonus!

#4 You become more open minded

By meeting new people and experiencing different cultures you come out of your bubble and realise that people are very different. You will be more open to other people’s point of views and explore different ideas.

#5 It makes you miss your home country

Even though I’ve been living here for years I still get homesick sometimes but it isn’t a bad thing. When I was living in Lithuania I never put time into seeing its beautiful sights or amazing beaches. When I get to go back my schedule is literally full because I want to see everything! You never truly know what you have until you lose it…


Stay amazing!

Rosie 🙂


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