A letter to my procrastination

Dear procrastination,

I wish I could say that you are my spice to my chai latte, my peanut to my butter, you are my milk to my cookie. But sadly, you are not. You are more like an unexpected beast who creeps up onto me when I am at my best. Who gets into my head just to tell me that I should spend the next five hours watching YouTube videos rather than doing something important.

I could be having the time of my life. Watching the bright blue sky with fluffy white clouds pass by, having that light summer breeze running through my hair and feeling like I could conquer the world. Yes, I could be if you weren’t around! I could be doing so many if you would just leave me alone and stayed in your lane. Yes, I went there. And if you didn’t, I would just mount you with all the Harry potter quotes because due to you I have watched a million times!

Please, don’t make me suffer anymore. I have had enough and you should know much better than that. I know you constantly want to play but you should go and bother somebody else. Actually no, that was wrong. Disappear!

Yours sincerely,

Your master




Stay amazing!

Rosie 🙂


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