The beauty of art

When I was, younger I used to paint, and draw all the fricking time and it felt so good to do so! For my mom’s birthday, I even painted her a bunch of roses to give her a more personalized gift and she loved it! Art could be used as a stress release and as a gift to somebody. Bonus!  You don’t even need to be painting Mona Lisa, but even if it’s just some shapes or the galaxy, it’ll do the trick.I definitely used it for both. I used to paint a lot when i was sad to pull me out of my misery and cheer me up, and it worked.

The reason why I decided to write about this, because I recently got back into painting and art in general. I paint every day now which I’m so proud of myself for because I kept beating myself up for not doing it and I finally picked up that paint brush and just did it!


It doesn’t even have to be painting or drawing. It could be doll making, knitting or even making things out of clay. It gives you a chance to be spontaneous and creative which boosts your mood. Or even doodling could work! I always doodle in my notebook and let me just say I end up doodling some weird things…but it’s creative! And very cheap! So, get your creativeness on!

Stay amazing!

Rosie 🙂


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