It’s Sunday. It’s time to relax and reflect

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Oh, sweet Sunday. We all love you very much. More than you can imagine. The smell of strong coffee, fresh tasty pancakes and smiles from ear to ear. What could be better? You say you want to read a book? Go ahead. Watch movies all day? Sure. Or simply just sleep all day. Why not? But one thing that I love to do is journaling. Tearing your heart out or just writing about what you did on paper is so pleasant. Sitting by a big window , with a cup of coffee or tea getting lost in your thoughts about the future…wow that just got so deep.

In all seriousness, writing down every day about your day, about what you did and about what you wish you could have done is so helpful. At the end of the week you can flick through your journal and make plans for next week and about what you hope to achieve. It’ll make it easier for you to focus on things that you want to do or that you need to do. For instance, during the week, nearly every day you would be writing about how you want to go volunteering but you never did. For next week, you could set yourself a challenge to do so. After you do it it’ll make you feel better!

Sundays are also so great to have a little pamper yourself afternoon too. Run yourself a bath, put on relaxing music and melt away. Be kind to yourself and not only on Sundays! Every day of the week! Remember to love yourself!

Stay amazing!

Rosie 😊



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