Chronic Daydreaming

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I, myself used to be a very big day dreamer. I am not talking about the innocent type, where you just day dream about a mansion that you want to live in or day dreaming about your meeting on Thursday which you create scenarios for in your head to prepare for any situation to happen. Oh no… I’m talking about the kind where it is literally an addiction. When you would rather go and day dream about living in Hogwarts rather than go and meet your friend for a coffee. Chronic daydreaming is bad for you for so many reasons and I am not a psychologist but I used to do this myself therefore I’m talking on behalf of my own experience and I know how awful it is.


#1 Ridiculous expectations

If you set massive expectations for your life and what it should be like, then you are pretty much setting yourself up for favour. Life is very unexpected and you can’t change that but if you are day dreaming about having that perfect life all the time, then honey, I’m sorry to tell you but it won’t happen.

#2 Time waster

You could start writing a fictional story but become the next J.K Rowling but instead you spend your time day dreaming about what would be if you did it and then never end up doing it.

#3 It’s a no no for high self esteem

This connects to my first point of having high expectations because when you don’t reach them you mind end up feeling like a failure and like nothing ever goes your way and give up on doing everything all together and end up constantly living in the fantasy world.

#4 It has an impact on your social life

When daydreaming starts to impact your social life then it’s a big problem. If you would rather spend time daydreaming than go and meet your best friend whom you haven’t seen in a long time for a catch up, then something isn’t right and it can make you feel very isolated.

#5 You’ll start to confuse fantasy with reality

This can be a consequence of daydreaming for years because when you, day dream you could trick your brain into thinking that the event that you were day dreaming about, actually happened. This makes it hard to socialize with people because you start to confuse your actual memories from day dreaming fantasies.


If anyone is dealing with this then I know exacly how you feel and I hope that this has helped a little bit. The first step is to recognise the problem and to accept it.

Stay amazing!

Rosie 🙂



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