Real talk: body image

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I’d say I started to worry about body image from the age of eight, which now thinking back to it is so scary that little Rosie was worried so much about the way that she looked when instead she should have been carefree and playing outside with her friends. What didn’t help was that, some boys in my primary school would call me fat just because I had thicker thighs and those little comments could really affect you when you have been told from a young age that you need to lose weight in order to be beautiful. But I am very happy to know that ‘fat shaming’ is getting called out a lot more these days but not enough. So, these are some of my reasons to say fuck you to those who fat shame you:


#1 Everybody is different

Some people may not know or realise this but everyone has different body types! Boom! Mind blowing! Some people have smaller waists, some have bigger chest and some have a straight down figure. Some of us are just naturally curvier than others and even by starving ourselves to death is not going change that.

#2 Women have higher percentage of body fat

Even though I don’t like to single people out by gender because body shaming happens to men too but since whenever I’ve been called fat it’s been mostly by men so I feel like I need to include this. Men’s body fat percentage is about 5% lower than women’s which means that women are genetically programmed to have more fat on our bodies in order to be able to reproduce. Lay off men!

#3 People look too much at what media states is ‘beautiful’

Media plays a very big part in our lives these days to promote what the ‘perfect body is’. The reality is that a very low percentage of people have the perfect body. Even those models that you see in magazines, they are all photoshopped… Most women and men have stretch marks and belly rolls and it’s okay.

#4 Be confident with who you are

Being confident and comfortable with yourself is one of the best things that you could develop. If you show that you don’t care about what others say then people won’t even bother saying anything. Confidence is your best accessory! And if you ever do decide to lose a few pounds then don’t ever do it for other people but always do it for yourself because you’ll soon realise that doing something for yourself is the best motivation!


We should all celebrate our bodies and love ourselves no matter what because we only have one body and we should cherish it and take care of it!

P.S I’m not trying to body shame skinny people or models but I’m just sharing my experience as someone more on a curvy side.

Stay amazing!

Rosie 😊



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